It’s A New Thing

by Geoffrey Butler, AIA

So, I’m sitting in my office and Mary Guccione, our Business Development Manager comes in and tells me that we are going to have a “blog.” Now, I am starting to get as old as dirt and really am self-conscious about keeping up with current events. I calmly nod my head, wish her well and go back to my computer screen. The second she leaves I get on Google and do some serious research.

Webster says that a Blog is:Short for weblog. A frequently updated website, normally with dated entries and usually with the newest entries at the top. Also a verb, as in “I really need to blog that story later today.”

Apparently, to do this we simply create a weblog site and post stuff regularly. Nothing to it. If I have one fault (if you want to call it that), it is that I have lots of opinions and knowledge that I insist on sharing with anyone and everyone within range. This is a natural thing for me. A means of getting my message, thoughts and opinions out there. Wonderful.

So this is the inaugural effort. Welcome to our blog. As a newly minted blogger, I tried to find some “rules” to making blog posts. They might be out there, but I was unable to unearth them. So, here are some rules for our site. These “rules” are really promises we make to you, our audience.

Rule One: No one wants to hear about how wonderful we think we are. We will not post any blogs which are self promoting.

Rule Two: If you can’t provide value for the reader then you should not post anything. You time is precious. We promise not to waste it. If we post it, there should be something in it of value to someone.

Rule Three: Do not create “bloggorrhea” – the message should be clear, concise and brief and stated only once.

Rule Four: Be interesting and entertaining. There is nothing wrong with writing in a style that is engaging and entertaining. The message needs to be conveyed in a manner that makes the reading of the message easy and rewarding.

Rule Five: Be regular. The site should always offer something new and interesting. If you go to the site a few times only to find nothing new, I would not blame you for not coming back.

There might be more rules we need to add but these are a good start.

Within our firm, we have a wide range of skills, knowledge, expertise, and talents. We should be able to provide blogs for this site covering a wide range of subjects and it can be a very interesting site. We promise to try to live up to this aspiration. So, put this site on your “Favorites” and stop in often. Let us know how you think we are doing and feel free to ask us questions that we can address in the future.