Your Neighborhood

The news is full of corporations needing to be bailed out, that our economy is in shambles, enormous layoffs are underway and more gloom and doom. And at the same time we all hear about ‘going green’ and conserving resources. It makes me wonder what any one person can do. Most of us are in the daily routine of driving back and forth to work every day. On the way to and from work we stop by a store or two to pick up a few things we need. Then on the weekend going on ‘hunting’ trips to various specialty and big box stores for the things we can’t find near our home.

Try this. Next time you think you need something from that ‘specialty store’ stop and think. ‘Do I really need that specific thing?’ First watch this little video and then ask the question again. If you still answer yes, then ask ‘Can I get something comparable from a store closer to me? To answer that you might try this website Then the third question is ‘Can I walk or bike to this store?’

Ultimately, you will decide that maybe you don’t really need that thing you thought you did. Or if you do, that you could find it at a more local, neighborhood store. And if you bike or walk, you used less resources to get there, and burned a few calories. Who knows, you might even meet one of your neighbors along the way. Get to know your neighborhood. Frequent your neighborhood businesses. Meet a new friend. Enjoy the walk.