Spring Into Action

You ever notice how sometimes it takes a tough situation to force someone to be creative? And how the arrival of spring gets people moving? Well, daylight savings time is coming next week and that means more daylight hours after work to do whatever you want. Now is the time to be deciding how to spend those extra hours. Marideth Sisco, local news radio personality on our local NPR station KSMU got me going this week. She got to talking about what people used to do in the ‘old days’ when times were tough. They made their garden bigger, because they knew if they did not go hungry, someone else would, so they would grow more than enough for themselves. To hear more from Marideth click here.

Then she went in to the whole thought of how growing a garden connects you with the earth, and allows you some time to get away from all the bad news. She figured if something REALLY bad was happening, someone would come tell her. This all leads me to the observation that now (TODAY) is the time to take positive action toward recovery. Whether it means you plant a garden, start an exercise program or simply clean out your closets.

But here is something to consider: do not start anything unless you have a clear intention of what you want the result to be, and make the result bold. For the old farmer, the result was ‘we want to make sure nobody goes hungry’. Your exercise plan may be so you can ride the MS150 by September. Or cleaning your closets may be to find out what you REALLY need in order to live well.

My wife and I started a garden. Not just a little plot in the back yard, we tilled up a whopping 12’ x 48’. And we paid $8 a piece for 55 gallon plastic barrels to collect water. Our goal is to work with our neighbor (who also has a big garden) to between the two of us plant and grow vegetables for us and as many people on our block as we can.

So spring is here. Or at least the robins. They are already looking for worms. Are you?