How Is It So?

How is it that business and endurance sports have things in common? Let me count the ways:

1 – They both require long term goal setting. In the case of an endurance sport, such as a marathon, the individual has to set a goal to complete the marathon, or set a time goal to complete a PB (personal best). In business, long term goals (for revenue, productivity, etc.) help keep a business on track.

2 – The both require discipline. In training for a marathon, you can’t just go run a few miles here and there, and expect to finish (or finish well). You can’t eat junk food all day. You also can’t run all day every day. The same is true in business – in order to survive the test of time, business requires discipline in spending, investing and taking time off.

3 – The both require team work. Even individual sports like running require some effort of others – your spouse, your running partner, or at minimum, the people organizing the event. In business you draw on every resource you can to make your business strong, and to support your long term goals.

4 – They both test you. Getting through the tough times on a training run, or a race is much like digging deep to finish that report, or gritting your teeth when that annoying customer comes through your door. They are both tests of will, determination and stamina. Hang in there!

5 – They are both very rewarding. In a world where it seems we measure our lives in accomplishments, reaching goals like finishing a marathon, or winning a business award, or achieving a certain level of business is what we use to build our individual social capital.

So, my recommendation to anyone would be if you want to do better in business, then go find an endurance sport to take up, and start with small goals, and before you know it, you’ll be thinking of doing something bigger, until one day you (like me) will say ‘I think I could do that 50 mile trail run’. FIFTY MILES. Think about it. You are what you think. I think 50 miles would be a great goal.