Setting Yourself Apart

All our lives we’ve been trained to “run with the pack,” “fit in,” “don’t make a fool of yourself,” just “go with the flow.” Every line we stand in, form we fill out, test we take and interview we go to begs for us to just go with the status quo. It’s been ingrained in about everything we do as social animals.

I’m here to tell you that if you want to be mediocre go ahead and fit in! But in these difficult economic times, we have made the conscious choice to use this as an opportunity to stand out in everything that we do. Here is what we’ve been doing as a company, and, what I would suggest you at least consider – no matter what business you’re in.

  • Take a hard look at everything you’re doing to operate your company, and sell your products or services. Don’t look at it with preconceived notions of “well that’s the way we’ve always done it,” or “that’s the way everyone else does it.” Figure out what your service/product does, how you can make it better, and why anyone would want to buy it and come up with NEW ways to produce and sell…REINVENT THE WHEEL.
  • Look at the new technology to come up with new avenues to research, produce your products and sell. The old adage “the best way to sell is to sell to friends” still holds true. We just have a lot more ways to make friends these days. There is Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Hovers, Sales Genie and many other new digital social media out there to use. And I would venture to guess that a LOT more of your clients are out there using these tools to make friends and buy products/services than you think…Get out on the LEADING EDGE.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a new approach. Think outside the box when it comes to solving problems. Put together teams to solve client’s problems. Maybe they can’t get financing – bring in a banker on your team. Put together a comprehensive solution to your client’s problems and don’t be afraid to come up with solutions that require new services or new team members…be CREATIVE.

These are just a few thoughts. There are a lot more, but I can’t post all my secrets on the internet. Give me a call at 417-865-6100, or better yet, drop me a message on Linkedin and we can make some new friends.