Thanks ladies!

This week I attended the Springfield Design Association meeting where 417 Magazine celebrated the Interior Design Awards for 2010. BR&P was one of the award recipients for the work at The Branson Airport, and since Brittany Norton (interior designer who worked on the project for BR&P) is no longer in the area, as principal in charge of the project I represented our team. First off, these folks seem to know how to have fun – no big fancy award program, just great wine from Wine Styles, food from Touch and lots of good networking.

Another thing I noticed is that they really have a passion about their work, and I felt very included – especially when Melissa Turpin gathered a group of us to go look at the newly renovated bathrooms at the Residence Inn – and they invited me to come along! I gracefully declined to go into the women’s restroom with 6 other ladies. And when it came time to recognize the award recipients, we were asked to gather in the front of the room, and when the recipients were introduced, Melissa closed with a ‘Thanks gals!’ I even came home with a nice burlap carry all bag with bamboo handles!

All fun and games aside, it was clear that while this group knew how to socialize, they also know their stuff when it comes time to get to work. The projects represented at the awards show a deep understanding of how the colors, textures, lighting and other interior elements affect how you experience a built environment. They know how to weave clients’ values, functional requirements, and fashion preferences into a room, or whole building.

This meeting reminded me of how important this aspect of work can be; and while the reps always seem to have something up their sleeve (one rep came by our office one day at 4:30 with a full martini kit) they are also part of the process in helping us identify new, innovative products and solutions. So the next time you get an invitation to an SDA event, don’t pass it up. And the next time a rep calls for an appointment, remember to schedule it at about 4:30 p.m.