Increase The Quality Of Your Homelife – A Two For One Special!

It seems that with all the bad news about the economy, employment rate, and fluctuating home prices that people are actually spending more time at home. Renovations, small additions, and making use of the entire house – including the back yard – has become very popular. With that trend comes the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family and take on some improvement projects that help that time be more enjoyable, and increase the value of your house. That’s a two for one deal.

The Home Builders Association recently hosted the Home Show at the Springfield Expo and if you had a chance to attend, you were probably overwhelmed with information. Now you have a chance to follow up on some of the ideas you saw, and talk one-on-one with some specific Springfield based businesses regarding how you can improve the quality of your home life. And at the same time, you can help give back to Ozark Greenways and Friends of the Garden. Again, accomplishing two things with one action.

See the flyer to the right for more information on the Outdoor Living Party being hosted by Maschino’s. I invite you to stop by and talk to the people that will be there – not just the business owners, but other home owners looking for the same thing as you are. You might just meet a new friend who has something in common with you, and you may even win an awesome door prize! Bam! Another two for one deal.