Journey to the Final Frontier: An architect’s account of the design and construction process (part 4)

BPS Anchorage

Image provided by Bass Pro Shops

Architect’s Log Star Date 1.9.13

It’s the period of the project that is the calm before the storm.  We have a deadline set for the first design Package due to be completed on January 25, 2013.  We have had a couple of conference calls since the New Year to establish some work schedules.  The design team is busy digging into each of their respective parts of the work determining what the workflow looks like, and getting specific team members spooled up.

The structural engineers at BBFM have been working hard on getting some of the bigger structural pieces of work detailed, the site / civil team at CRW is awaiting comments back rom the planning submittal and preparing to start the site design drawings, Larson Binkley’s engineers are assembling the list of things they will need to order to meet the first design submittal date, RIM’s architects are digging into the Bass Pro Shops’ prototype drawings to determine which details apply and how they relate to the existing building shell construction, and our team here at BR&P is working with the Bass Pro design team to develop the  design for the interior features.

Next week I have a trip planned to go visit Larson Binkley in KC and the design teams in Anchorage.  Let the flurry (or storm) of activities begin!