Journey to the Final Frontier: An architect’s account of the design and construction process (part 3)

Architect’s Log Star Date 12.26.12

In the last installment we were still in the ‘discovery’ process in the project. Identifying all the important issues, planning the project priorities and trying to get the team in a groove.

Last week we had several conference calls, involving everything from full team call to reviewing outstanding and upcoming issues; to overall schedule, following up from a pre-application meeting with municipality of Anchorage, and down to the nitty-gritty of how to set up CAD drawings standards and file sharing.

The pre-application meeting went well, however the one person we really needed feedback from regarding an existing fire pump room and fire truck access was not able to attend the meeting due to a death in the family. Other than that, Tim Ridenour – project architect with RIM Architects – worked through some of the technical components of the building code as it relates to mixed occupancies, egress plans, as well as schedules for phase submittals for the upcoming work. Pretty boring stuff as projects go, but it’s important to establish good relations with local plan review staff and get them involved with the project planning and schedule.

sunsWe also marked the passing of the Winter Solstice by sending our team in Anchorage a little something to brighten their darkest day of the year.

I’ll be working with RIM this week – between Christmas and New Years – to help gain some traction going into January. And to help our structural engineer Scott Gruhn at BBFM push forward on some of the early package structural work.